Blossom pattern in Park Igls Blossom pattern in Park Igls
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For a beautiful body

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Give your body new energy and renew your skin vitality and strength.
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Pneumatic Pulsation Massage (PPM)

Gentle impulses with a deep effect on the connective tissue and the musculature pulsating interaction of negative pressure and atmospheric pressure causes the tissue to vibrate. Stimulates the metabolism and increases the excretion of waste products by the blood and lymph circulation. The result is a smooth, supple skin that feels healthy and strong.

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To balance the body with sensitive hands.
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Relax from head to toe

Let yourself be pampered at Cosmetics in Park Igls, as you please!

You have the choice: A soothing, velvety massage with precious stones and warm oils as well as skilfully applied hot stones, or you can simply strip off the dry skin and anoint the body with warm butter oils. Here you will receive tender loving care! Enchanting scents and sounds round off the feel-good experience at Cosmetics in Park Igls.

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